Thursday, January 10, 2013

First try at Korean cooking: Dakjim (닭찜)

Well, we had some chicken defrosted, so I got my honky self over to Maangchi's site for some ideas.   On Sunday, I tried my hand at making Dakjim, Korean braised chicken and vegetables.

There were a few alterations necessary.  Mrs. Wraith misunderstood when I asked her to pick up dried red peppers, so I tossed in some red pepper flakes at the beginning.  I also left out the cucumbers and sesame seed garnish.  And I ended up using bean stock for noodles(hey, you try finding starch noodles in Prescott).

So how was it?  Excellent!  Just enough fire; a kaleidoscope of subtle flavor, and very filling.  But if this is considered 'four servings,' I'm amazed your average Korean doesn't weigh 500 pounds.  We didn't even have it with rice, and we had leftovers for half the week.

"Ko mab sub ni da," Ms. Maangchi--I can't wait to try more of your recipes!  고맙습니다.

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