Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cats and Christmas presents

I was Goth when Goth wasn't cool.  This was back in the late '80s, when you couldn't just go down to Goth In A Box Hot Topic and buy a ready-made look.  You had to find stuff yourself, make it yourself or know someone who could.  We were known as "Darksiders" and "Grave Rockers," and persecution was ten times worse than today.  Not only did the general public look at you askance, but the punks, skins and hessians would gladly kick your ass just for being Goth.  So I confess to a smirk when today's Goth kids cry about being misunderstood and persecuted--kid, you have no idea.

Damn, I got old somewhere.

Anyway, my ex-wife sent me a great blast-from-the-past Christmas present--a double-disc set by one of my favorite bands from back then, The Mission.  It's Carved In Sand and Grains Of Sand, with a whole mess of bonus tracks that I'd never heard before.  Great lady, my ex.

(Apparently, if you don't use Chrome, you can't upload your own images on Blogger anymore.  Good to know, I guess.)

So I've been travelling back in time on my way to work lately.  Part of me wishes I could literally do so, so I could slap the hell out of my younger self and tell him to get off his ass.  But I think most people would welcome the chance to do that.

I'm fixing to try my hand at Korean food tonight, so I'll post up the results soon.  And one more thought...

I know I wanted to stay out of politics with this blog.  But, since the entire nation is once again obsessed with victim disarmament 'gun control,' I'll just say this:

You can have my Glock when you pry him from my cold dead lap!!

(Yep, that's Glock the cat.  Feline Labe.)

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