Friday, June 12, 2015

Should have done this in the first place

Well, Annie is now equipped with Kuryakyn forward controls, which I should have bought from the get-go instead of screwing around with that bargain-basement crap.  Still decent on the price, but much better quality.

It was also time for the 5K service, so while I was changing the fluids, I took the opportunity to replace the chrome primary cover with a wrinkle black one($150 on eBay.  Good deal).

I just didn't like the black inner primary coupled with a chrome outer.  Go all chrome or all black, but not half-and-half.  (I feel the same way about chromed Softail swingarms.)  For that reason, I also replaced the raw aluminum clamp that rests on a black riser...

...and the aluminum levers protruding from black control perches.

(Yes, my garage is a mess.  First World Problems.) 

It may seem like a contradiction to leave the chrome access plate and derby cover, but it's not.  Those are accent pieces, not one half of a unit.  Once I get around to installing a belt primary, I'll probably do something interesting with those bits, but one thing at a time.

In the biker vein, I've discovered a new church, run by bikers, for bikers.  Yes, it's a full-Gospel, Bible-believing church...but they're not a 501(c)(3) church, so they don't cower in fear of speaking the truth, lest they lose their precious exemption.  I shall expound upon this in future...

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