Monday, December 24, 2012

The blogrolls expand

Y'all know how it is when starting a new blog--things look so empty on the sidebar.  (Unless you've started a blog for the sole purpose of directing people to other sites which pay you for hits, in which case you suck and I hope your hard drive explodes.)

My six foot, 150lb. frame may not show it, but I love to eat.  I grew up around lots of Asian and Pacific cooking, and that stroke of good fortune opened my mind to a world of possibilities beyond McDonald's and meatloaf.  So I search for cool food blogs specializing in all sorts of different cuisine, just to spread the joy of good food you might not have tried before.  It's hard to be grouchy after a great meal.

A little gem I've just discovered is a cute and sparkly Korean lady named Maangchi, who ought to be snapped up by the Food Network immediately!  She gives us detailed instructions on cooking real Korean food, where to find authentic ingredients, and video demos you just can't help but smile upon watching.  Seriously, her site is a professional-caliber labor of love, and well worth the visit.

For those of you who've never had Korean food, try bulgogi just once and tell me you're not instantly addicted.

Anyway, there's the Cats bloglist, the Cooking bloglist and the Chaos bloglist, which is composed of random blogs I read dealing with everything from science fiction to commentary to philosophy.  (Some of the Chaos blogs have some damn good recipes as well, but that's not their sole focus.)  And below, a selection of my favorite comics.  All of these will be expanding in due time.

Meanwhile, God bless you and yours, and have a Merry Christmas!

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